Your Body Needs to Talk With You

This is your body speaking. I am going to be blunt with you today. I need to have healthy, nutritious food every day in order to do my job well. Not just every Saturday, every day of the week.  Just to be clear – this means 7 days a week. Not 6 days Not 5 days. Seven.

I love to do my job well, but when you do not give me the fuel I need to do my job  I struggle. Believe me. I struggle.

I can be picky sometimes, but generally speaking I love to get the food that is described on this page. Do not forget that when you take certain medications you have to be very careful what you eat. Be sure to check with the doctor or the nutritional counselor to make sure anything you put in me will be OK.

I am not asking you.

I am begging you.

Try some of the recipes you see here.

OK, so you hate to cook and would prefer to eat comfort food? I struggle with most comfort food. It makes me sick.

OK, so you prefer to eat out? Most restaurants do not serve food that helps me do my job well. The toxins in most food served at restaurants are killing me, literally! If they are killing me just imagine what they are doing to you, eh?

Challenge yourself for me. Today. Please. Make it a daily habit to prepare some of the delicious dishes that will find here and feed them to me. I need a little extra support right now. When I say “now” I mean today, not tomorrow.

Please do not abandon me now that I am facing one of the biggest challenges of my life. I have always been there for you. Look at it from my point of view.

Why not do something different for a change? I need your help if you really want me to start doing my job well. You can always ask someone else (or hire someone else) to cook some of the dishes that are found on this page.

Do you love me or not?

I promise that if you do this for me I will pay you back a thousand fold. I love being able to digest the fuel that I need to do my job. You help me out and you help yourself out.

With your help I can help you feel great every day. How about holding up your end of the bargain, eh?

Your body

P.S. Please love me by treating me well today. It depresses me to do a lousy  job for you, but the truth is I can not help it when you treat me poorly.


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